MDM Tracker

Copyright and Terms of Use

This application uses visual feedback to help clinicians understand how to select the appropriate billing code using Medical Decision Making per the 2021 guidelines recommended by CMS. It is being provided to the general public for free. Use it at your own risk. All of the information and logic used is set forth in this HTML file and associated JavaScript and CSS files, and is already stored in your browser (use View Page Source to review the source code).

This application is a stand-alone application. It does not require an internet connection to run. It does not track any usage statistics in any way shape or form. This application does not rely on any third-party JavaScript platforms or frameworks. It uses your browser's default fonts and does not download any fonts or images.

All of the source code necessary to run this application is in this one single HTML file, which is now in your browser. You are welcome to download, store, and run this file on your own computer.

This application may be shared with others and its contents freely reproduced (and even incorporated in commecial products), provided that no fees (or additional fees) are are charged. If you really appreciate this application, please make a donation to your local food bank.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send me an email message to If you decide to write your own Medical Decision Making coding tool, please let me know and I will gladly promote it for you.

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